Thermodynamic Metrics And Optimal Paths

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6 Mar 2017. We consider typical problems of the field called the finite time thermodynamics ( also called the optimization. equations, whose solving techniques apply tools of the optimal control theory for lumped parameter systems.

23 Nov 2018. Path Collective Variables (PCVs) are a set of path-like variables that have been successfully used to investigate complex chemical and biological processes and compute their associated free energy surfaces and kinetics.

8 Feb 2017. A classical thermodynamic model for spark-ignited internal combustion engine simulation in which the heat addition process that takes a finite amount of time. Optimal paths for thermodynamic systems: The ideal Otto cycle.

30 Mar 2018. Abstract; Full Text; Info/History; Metrics; Preview PDF. Loading. Sivak, D. A. & Crooks, G. E. Thermodynamic metrics and optimal paths. Phys. Callen, H. B. Thermodynamics and an Introduction to Thermostatistics. (Wiley.

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Non-equilibrium thermodynamics and the optimal path to turbulence in shear flows. Antonios. Two concepts are key to our analysis: i) optimal initial condition and. To take this step, it is crucial to select a metric for the definition of the final.

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Keywords: Carnot cycle, exergy, finite-time thermodynamics, heat pumps, thermal engines. 1. Introduction:. Time Thermodynamics (FTT) and Optimal Control Theory (OCT) that derives. i , do not change along the process path, and this is why. Discrete and nonlinear models are suitable to describe dynamics in metric.

21 Nov 2018. The optimal piston traces for noncombustion strokes are determined by using a combination of optimal control theory and models for the thermodynamic irreversibilities. Hence, the results are germane to external combustion.

25 Nov 2015. This measure resembles the excitation energy or excess work performed in thermodynamics, which can be taken as the error of adiabatic approximation. We prove that. Thermodynamic metrics and optimal paths. Phys Rev.