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‘I am an atheist whack job; that’s my culture,” writes Penn Jillette in this giddily blasphemous chronicle. drawing inspiration from the likes of Christopher Hitchens and Richard Dawkins. He.

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That’s what Penn Jillette argues in his new book God. outspoken atheist — is I’ll sit around with [evolutionary biologist and atheist] Richard Dawkins, you know. And I’ll sit around with Trey.

I mean, you can read The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins, you can read God Is Not Great by Hitchens. but the Bible itself, will turn you atheist faster than anything. Question: Why would reading the.

Other speakers included magician Penn Jillette, skeptic James Randi, Washington, D.C., councilman Dave Grosso, Robyn Blumner of the Richard Dawkins Foundation for Reason & Science, scientist Carolyn.

The relatively young crowd was treated to talks, rants, and routines by such luminaries as biologist Richard Dawkins, American Atheists President. comedian-magician Penn Jillette. Off to the side.

The rally attracted author Richard Dawkins and magician Penn Jillette. Comedian Bill Maher, of HBO’s “Real Time,” made a satellite appearance. “The election for president was really silly – there wasn.

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Penn & Teller have been performing magic together for nearly. Last night, I hosted a two-hour Q&A with [evolutionary biologist] Richard Dawkins, and I didn’t graduate high school. So you tell me.

Glenn Beck took on Richard Dawkins on Monday for telling Bill Maher that he thinks. citing the entertainer/libertarian atheist Penn Jillette as a “good responsible citizen.” He said, “If you are.

Encyclopedia Dramatica, the notoriously provocative and politically. and to have worked for magician Penn Jillette, saved the failing Richard Dawkins Foundation, and set a Guinness World Record.

Richard Dawkins and Lawrence Krauss present their new film, The Unbelievers, hosted by magician Penn Jillette. 4/3, 7:30 p.m., $23-$63. Cox Pavillion, 4505 S. Maryland Pkwy., 739-3267,

A celebration of life service for Colin James Meyer, 19, will be at 1 p.m. by Billy Nye and “The Selfish Gene” by Richard Dawkins. He loved mastering magic tricks and studying magicians, especially.

Magician Penn Jillette has been bombarded with death threats over his. There’s the macho thing that I used to do with (British writer) Richard Dawkins and Trey Parker – we’d pull out out death.

Penn Jillette. I don’t recommend Richard Dawkins or Christopher Hitchens or Sam Harris. I recommend the Bible. The Bible is such a part of our culture that it’s very hard to get through one.

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“The Skeptic community did Tim an ever so slight disservice,” the magician (and Skeptic) Penn Jillette says. Minchin’s act borrows heavily from “the big four”: Richard Dawkins, Christopher Hitchens.

In the past year alone we’ve had new species named after Bob Marley, President Obama, Richard Dawkins, David Hasselhoff. Cesar Chazez, magician Penn Jillette, and the Sarlacc sand creature from.

Few magicians have bewitched, bedazzled and befuddled America—and Las Vegas, in particular—as long as loquacious Penn Jillette and his decidedly. including the 2005 Richard Dawkins Award, honoring.

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Penn Jillette: This is one of the places that I seem to disagree with Richard Dawkins. Whenever you disagree with Richard Dawkins, the chances are, you’re wrong. Dawkins seems to think that the state.

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